Sunday, 10 July 2011

(Updated) Box Office estimates for North America. Transformers 3 is the biggest film of 2011 & Horrible bosses gets a $27m bonus.

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The 'final' estimates are in and have given a few films a little extra cash.I've updated the chart to reflect this. Other changes in red.

Whilst it may not be a big surprise to see Transformers: Dark of The Moon remain in the number one slot, but Paramount will be pleased that this film continues to show signs of having stronger legs, domestically than either Revenge of The Fallen, or most of the year's other big movies. A drop of 54% from last weekend (where The 4th of July fell on a Monday) is certainly good for a movie of this size and it has helped the film to pass The Hangover Pt II as the highest grossing film of 2011, in North America. It is making more money this weekend than Revenge of the fallen made in its second weekend as well.

The latest R rated comedy to hit this summer is Horrible Bosses. It's had a decent weekend too, opening to $28.1m. The film has had fairly decent reviews and follows Bridesmaids, The Hangover Pt II and Bad Teacher as the 4th R rated comedy to open well this summer. Coming in between the openings of Bridesmaids ($26.2m) and Bad Teacher ($31.6m) I’m sure the producers will be pretty pleased if it takes somewhere between the two for its final gross too.

 The second opener of the weekend was the Kevin James (Hitch, Paul Blart Mall Cop) starrer Zookeeper. Given that the film was going after the Night At The Museum audience then the $21m opening weekend has to be seen as a disappointment. What will be more worrying though is projected decrease in takings from Friday to Saturday. Children’s /  family films almost always see in increase Friday to Saturday and when not dealing with a sequel or adaptation a decrease Friday to Saturday is usually a sign of poor word of mouth. (Of course it may have something to do with making such a family film concept into a PG-13 (12A) film instead of a PG or U film)

More later, including the rest of world’s news; which I’m sure will be all about how much more money Transforms has managed to make.

North America
Weekend Gross
Total Gross
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Horrible Bosses
Cars 2
Bad Teacher
Larry Crowne
Super 8
Monte Carlo
Green Lantern
Mr. Popper’s Penguins

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