Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance; Comic-Con panel featuring Nicolas Cage & Idris Elba.

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Do NOT call this a sequel! That’s what film-makes Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor say anyway. Despite still having Nicolas Cage onboard as the hapless ,motorcycle daredevil cursed to become a soul collecting demon from hell, with a really cool bike, the film is a restart. Think The Incredible Hulk, except they didn’t replace Eric Bana with Edward Norton.
Idris Elba performing his own stunts

Te film is due out in February 2012 and to be fair the directors of Crank & Gamer do seem to have improved the look of the Rider itself. Also, just as Chris Evan s and Joe Johnston  avoided head replacement effects and shrank Evans down for his puny Steve Rogers scenes, the directors were keen for the Rider to be 100% Cage performance (flaming skull enhanced of course).  So they booted the stuntman idea (in Ghost Rider The Rider was played by a “burly stuntman” and had age come up with some freaky, otherworldly movements; this will also be enhanced (according to Empire Magazine) by playing some of his movements backwards.
Thankfully the bad hair from movie 1 is gone.

Anyway here’s a little bit from the directors and stars Nicolas Cage and Idris Elba...

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