Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Poster is typically creative.

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The Dark Knight Rises
 One thing that’s been petty constant throughout Christopher Nolan’s tenure as head Batman guy is the quality and creativity of the artwork and imagery. I suppose it’s only fitting, given The Dark knight’s comic book roots, but it remains pretty cool none the less.
The Dark Knight 

Having already given us Tom Hardy’s Bane of a thousand picture we continue the theme of Batman’s iconic Bat logo made up out of other items: from Batman himself and bats for Batman Begins; from The Joker’s smile and fire on the side of a building, for The Dark Knight; and now from a clever straight up view of Gotham skyscrapers, crumbing at the tops to form the iconic Bat-logo. (All available as you scroll down)

Batman Begins...

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight...

The Dark Knight Joker face

The Dark Knight Rises - Tom Hardy's Bane...

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane


Batman Year One...Click Here.

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