Monday, 25 July 2011

Star Wars: The Blu-Ray deleted scenes preview from Comic-Con.

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Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. There are times when I kind of wish it was all over with. Every time anything related to Star Wars comes out we get to listen to the whole noisy debates all over again. George Lucas is the devil, he killed Star Wars, he turned them into kid’s films (Seriously, when were they not kids films?) Worst of all we get to hear again and again about how NOBODY like Episode on or the prequels in general. Excuse me? Nobody? So the hundreds of millions of dollars it made from repeat viewing came from Lucasfilm employees? Spielberg and Harrison Ford spent millions of their own cash to buy up all the DVDs? No a lot o people don’t like those films, I get that; I happen to think it comes from putting far too much stock into the first film (There still people that think Episode IV is better than Episode V) and the trilogy in general, but I get it. But please don’t keep telling the very large number of people who do like those films (I remember my Nieces want to go and see that film4 times, I took her three times)

Anyway it will be very interesting to see the sales figures for the Original trilogy compared to the prequel trilogy and of course the full set. (Although almost everyone does agree that Episode 2 was a massive let down.) I  like the numerous sandstorm clips and the creepy Snow beast / Yeti Thing that enters the rebel base on Hoth. But why am I telling you this? See for yourself.

So on to the preview...

Here’s the Blu-Ray trailer...

Don't forget the films are due to be re-released in 3D next year, so expect to shell out for 3D Blu-rays in the not too distant future.
By the way you should consider checking out the Clone Wars Cartoon; whilst I miss the beautiful stylised artwork of Genndy ‘Samurai Jack’ Tartakovsky’s 2D cartoon series, this cartoon Network CGI toon has been surprisingly good.



  1. I agree that they are films for kids, however it IS more obvious in the newer ones. That said, I still like the core of this saga (I actually dreamt I was Han Solo the other night, think that might be a bad sign huh? : D ).

  2. The irony there is that the prequel films are actually rated for older children because they are 'more mature' than the original 3. More violence etc.. I did a lot of reading about Star Wars for film studies and the funny thing is, if you read a review from 1977 for Star Wars, then some from 1980 For Empire Strikes Back, 1983 for Return and then for Phantom Menace it's almost like they are the exact same review. Take but the specifics of course, but the tone.

    Star Wars- Fun but the childish beeping Robot is just there for little kids and spoils the film.

    Empire, it's very good, but it's a shame that little Green Muppet called Yoda was thrown in their to please little kids, he nearly ruined the film.

    Return.. ell it's great until they get to the moon and then all these horrible cute walking teddy bears turn up and spoil everything; just to keep kids happy.

    Episode one same again with Jar Jar.. I think people take Star Wars so seriously that when they get reminded the films were made for children (and so what? a good film is a good film) they get all defensive. Just when they get used to one "childish" element A robot that beeps instead of talks, BAM Lucas throws in another. Episode 2 is awful on almost every level (The Obi Wan detective story was pretty interesting) but I have no real issues with 1 & 3. In fact three is one of the best of the bunch.

  3. I go for a four day long (short) vacation and you posted stuff like crazy ; P
    The third film is good since it's darker then the others. I'm totally with you on jar-Jar and the general "cuteness-enhancers". At first I was really annoyed by H.C playing Anakin, however , I realised that Luke is rather...silly - so they match each other ; P

  4. Here I was thinking you'd abandoned me! Seriously I was starting to think I hadn't written anything you felt was worth commenting on :). I hope you enjoyed your break.

    I have very similar thoughts about the Skywalker boys :)