Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Johnny English Reborn trailer

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This is the same trailer from a couple of months ago, but it is in higher quality now. You know if you like the character or not by now, I happen to remember being a big fan of him as created, for Barclaycard ads. (Some of which I have embedded below the trailer) The first Johnny English film grossed $31m in the UK in 2003 and $160m worldwide; and that from a relatively modest $40m budget. When you also consider the $43m UK / $229 worldwide for Mr Bean's Holiday & $28m UK / $251m worldwide for Bean you marvel at how Rowan Atkinson isn't persuaded to make films of his characters more often! (Adjusted that $421m for Bean, $261m for Bean 2 and $205m for English.)

Now then, where's that Blackadder movie?

 Like many of Rowan Atkinson’s creations he’s superb, but often let down by the quality of material written for him. Still Johnny English was fun and maybe the time it has taken to get this sequel going has been used to write first class material?


First one (Character is called Latham)

Moscow Embassy

Barclaycard - Pen

Barclaycard – Security lasers

Ad 2

Barclaycard - Binoculars

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