Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sequel time!!


  1. Love em or hate em there's always a sequel around the corner & usually to a film you hate more than being at work on a hot Sunday, when there's a really good sale on with seriously cheap shoes and trainers.

    So which of these would you want to see another one of? Feel free to comment. But you should know that if anyone suggests a sequel to The Jonas Brothers in 3D, anything with Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Segal or another Matrix movie will be so deleted from myy list of friends!

    then again another Matrix film couldn't be worse than the last two, could it?

    Hmmmmmm, Keanu.....

  2. the spindles in my staircase contain less wood than a keanu reeves movie.. gonna go with a sequel for 2001.. love this movie

  3. True, but we have to give him Bill & Ted, Speed and The Matrix.

  4. I must be an odd one out cos I actually enjoyed the sequal to Speed - Speed 2:Cruise Control . Ok , so not as good as the first but maybe I enjoy my Cruise films too much (Posideon - to name but a few ...actually a few is the right thing for it )

    I hear there firing up sequals to Johnny English and True Lies , and Indy 5 , even Mamma Mia - and you thought Speed 2 was a bad idea !?

  5. Dude, Speed 2 WAS a bad idea. Actually it was several bad ideas rolled into one. This can sometimes twist the fabric of the universe to come out as entertaining.

    Indy 5 I could kind of live with, but they SO should have made Indy 4 10 years ago or more, you just can't hide that Indy is looking way too old. It's so gonna be the adventures of Mutt Jones with Indy popping up here and there in his wheelchair to help out.

    Still more bad guys getting eaten by killer ants is always welcome!

  6. Aww hell no! Who voted for Terminator?!

    Come on, show yourself. It so better be so they can erase the mediocre stench of the last two movies and get a decent one, written and directed by people with half a brain and a pinch of talent.


  7. Hmmm, Watchmen. Saw it at the cinema and I just couldn't groove it one bit. I think the trailer summed up every enjoyable bit in the film and the rest was packed with mind numbing junk.

    Give my vote to Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2. Pow!


  8. How about Howard the Duck 2. quack, quack, quack!

    You know it makes sense aonymous mk 2!

  9. By the way you should read Watchmen. It's quality.

    Pure quality.