Saturday, 2 July 2011

Spy Kids 4D: Aroma-Scope!

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 So last week we finally got confirmation of what the 4D in Spy Kids 4D was going to mean. Well this week we get to see it as the new trailer incorporates promo material for bothe 3D AND the FREE 4thDimension, Aroma-Scope. It’s one of those trailers where they show you things flying out of the screen to illustrate the 3D; I just can’t take them seriously anymore since last year’s Last Airbender trailers used the same stunt; we’d all been fortunate enough to see an earlier preview a few weeks before the film came out and when we saw t my girls (5 and 10 at the time) couldn’t stop laughing because, as you probably know by now, the “3D” in that film was virtually non existent. They also pointed out that there appeared to be more bending (magical use of the 4 elements) in the 30 second TV trailer than there was in the actual movie.

Here in addition to the above we also get aroma lines and fruit flying out of the screen at our ecstatic movie audience and we get to see the scratch cards everyone will get when they go to see the movie (in 2D or 3D, although aren’t the 2D screenings really 3D screenings, just not visually so?)

The film rolls out in August and I have a disturbing feeling that there may be smell attached to that vomit scene and worse too.

As mentioned last week the audience will be given scratch cards (as pictured above) and when corresponding numbers appear on-screen (as illustrated below) everyone will then reach for their scratch cards and sniff the appropriate smell! Now I just love that the audience in this trailer are in the world's brightest, indoor, cinema screen; and of course those of us choosing to see the film in 3D won't have any problems seeing the numbers on the cards that their kids haven't lost ten minutes into the movie.

Cynicism and sarcasm aside I can honestly say I have to agree with Director Robert Rodriguez when he says
 "Families are going to love the interactivity of this new addition to the movie-going experience,”
Well if you substitute “families” for “children” of course. That said my kids can’t wait to see this and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to taking them, just a little bit. (As long as I don’t have to scratch $ sniff vomit!

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