Sunday, 24 July 2011

Captain America takes the North American No.1 spot from Harry Potter.

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Marvel Studios and Paramount are looking are all smiles after getting the biggest opening weekend for a super hero movie this summer. Initially expected to come in somewhere between the $55m of X-Men: First Class and the $65m of Thor, Captain America managed to pull in the best midnight showing of the 4 summer Super heroes ($4m) and is estimated to have taken in $25.75m on Friday. With an estimated opening weekend of $65.8m Captain America will be (if the estimate holds) just about the biggest super hero opener of the year in North America, edging out Thor’s $65.7m.. Whilst at first glance they may seem like not much of a difference, Thor sold 60% of its tickets in 3D, whilst Captain America sold 40%, so the attendance is greater and the film can hope to have stronger midweek sales with Schools and Universities out.

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Harry Potter had its customary, North American, 2nd weekend tumble, but when you fall from such heights it isn’t really something to worry about. It’s also worth noting that the midnight openings made over $40m for Potter and that will have skewed the drop all the more. Still the 72% drop left Harry with $48.1m for the weekend and $272.4m total; making it the second fastest grosser of all time in North America. The Dark Knight had $313.8m after the same amount of time. It is worth noting that this time last week Potter had a $10m lead over TDK and is now over $41m behind that film.

More details on the rest of the “domestic” box office and on the global scene later...

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