Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Thing; Trailer for the prequel arrives.

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I’m still having to be sold on his one myself, but I love the book (Who Goes there), the 1951 Cold War Classic The Thing From Another World, I love John Carpenter’s mostly re-adaptation, very partially remake of that film, 1982’s The Thing; and I loved the Xbox game too.
Kurt Russel in the 1982 film

In the 1951 version the American expedition discovers the crashed alien spaceship, takes the, erroneously assumed dead, pilot frozen in a block of Ice back to their base and proceed to accidently revive it and spend  the next hour being scared, killed and drained of blood to feed its growing kiddies. John Carpenter’s version, which was more faithful to the source, upped the ante terror and horror wise, and had the alien turn up, disguised as a husky having already killed almost all of the people who discovered it at a Norwegian base down the glacier.
This prequel fills in the blanks by taking that which was in the first film, the discovery of the alien craft and subsequent death and carnage, leading up to the Thing escaping to the safety of the foolish American’s base.
1951 The Thing From Another World

Now Carpenter’s film still creeps me out; there are things there I don’t want showing up behind my eyes when it’s  time to go sleep. The autopsy is still a masterpiece and I still feel for the poor humans tied to their chairs as th blood test tells us which of base personnel is no longer who they appear to be. It also has one of the best endings to a horror / Sci-Fi film you’re likely to see.
This film is a prequel to the 1982 film

There’s a lot to live up to here, a hell of a lot...

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