Friday, 8 July 2011

True Blood Season 4 Ep2 recap in 90 seconds, behind the scenes video and Ep3 preview.

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I wanna do bad things...

It oes without saying that True Blood is NOT for children, so neither is  this blog...

So things are really kicking into high gear no after episode two’s revelation. An awful lot has happened in Sookie’s missing year. Bill is the Vampire King of Louisiana with his own little private army protecting his “palace”. We se that Bill may genuinely be the good guy we though he was before we found out that he may have been pretending to be a good guy; but he’s a good guy, pretending to be a bad guy who was pretending to be a good guy? Er.. I think; it’s all getting a little ‘infernal affairs’ here.

A little help with the regicide Bill?

The real big news is; no wait I almost forgot, the Cat people got Jason tied to a bed and forced him into the kind of three-way he did not fantasise about. (I think) You see the woman he loves and her nutty betrothed decided that the best thing for all concerned would be to make Jason a Panther changing Cat person too. Unfortunately for him this meant being clawed and having various parts of him eaten alive. (You see this is why people like Vampires, One little bite, a little suck here and poof... Vampire! Werewolves and Cat People got the short straw when it came to working out how to get turned!

OK, OK you can go on top.

So to the big news; whilst Sookie is doubtless going to have a lot of faerie issues to deal with (see the preview below for confirmation) the big deal for the undead is going to be The Witches. You see the happy little coven discovered in episode one that they were developing the gift to control the dead; They brought a poor little bird back to life. Now they may well have been happy with that but the vampire’s had to go sticking their teeth into it didn’t they. You see it turns out that vampires ma have had a big part to play in the inquisition and other witch burning / dunking / hunting massacres of the past. Vampires are dead and if a witch can control the dead she can control vampires. So fearing that the whole Witches Vs Vampires thing could start all over again they sent Eric to scare the coven into disbanding. Clearly these people have never seen Kung Fu Panda and remain blissfully unaware of the ‘self fulfilling prophecy paradox’. Just as a feather from the bird sent, in Kung fu Panda, to make sure the prison was extra escape proof, proved to be the tool used by tai Lung to escape; Eric scaring the Witches forces them to try and fight back. In doing so they discover that they have power over even 1,000 year old vampires! Although I’m not sure exactly what part of their powers led to him losing his jacket and vest though?
Well the topless dude thing works for Twilight!

As well as losing his clothes Erik seems to have lost at least some of his memories. This is bad news for Sookie who meets him out in the road and after he tells her he doesn’t know who she is Erik goes all Wolverine, sniffing the air and says...

“Why do you smell so good?”

Episode 3 preview video AND a cool behind the scenes video are after this recap video...

Ep3 preview...

Behind the scenes of Ep 2...

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