Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Cabin In The Woods will finally open on Friday the 13th of April 2012!

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Well what a journey. The film which  is written by Joss Whedon (creaotor ofBuffy The Vampire Slayer, director of Serenity & The Avengers (2012) and Drew Goddard (Writer of Cloverfield), and is directed by Goddard was originally scheduled for release  in 2009. It fell victim to the same MGM Bankruptcy issues that helped delay the 3rd Daniel Craig Bond movie and has been waiting for a release date for some time.

As you can see from these posters, the film is a little bit late. It also looks to be full of Whedon’s trade mark wit. Now we can hope to see a trailer sometime soon for the film Whedon describes as
“the horror movie to end all horror movies.”.

As it happens the delay may have helped the film as it’s star Chris Hemsworth had only a, memorable but short, role as Jim Kirk’s dad in Star Trek to  his name (in Hollywood movie terms) in 2009. Now he’s pretty much an A-List star after Thor earned about $450m around the  world and earned  the actor some very positive reviews. He’s also one of the stars of The Avengers, is one of the titular characters in the much hyped Snow White & The Huntsman (clue, he isn’t Snow White) and has parts backing up, including Thor 2 due summer 2013.  So with all of the publicity that will be ramping up for the May releases of Thor and Snow White, The Cabin in The Woods may find itself with a whole lot more publicity than it would have had 2 years ago, and mostly it’s free.

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