Sunday, 24 July 2011

Transformers: Dark of The Moon scores the biggest opening of all time, for an American film, in China with $40m.

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Gimme my No-Prize James or Shockwave will et ya!

That’s a whopping 72% bigger than the opening of Avatar (Although Avatar didn’t make its money on huge openings, rather on longevity, but it is good context.) That brings the film’s foreign box office to a brilliant $556.6m, passing Revenge of the Fallen’s $434m international gross (and most likely attendance too)  by some distance. The film has now has a global total of $882.4 and with Japan yet to open, the film taking $12m in North America this weekend AND this only being the opening in China it seems now all but certain that TF3 will join Pirates 4 in the Billion Dollar club and the summer will end with three films (Pirates, Transformers and Harry Potter) grossing over $1b: Better than that I win my bet that TF3 would earn closer to $1b than $750m. Where’s y No-Prize James???

More box office new later, in the final weekend estimates, shiny charts and all...


  1. jimmynoir says--I was a bit off on my Transformers and Pirates prediction. But I've done well with all of the other films this year. ((-;

  2. Nobody gets it right all the time :))