Thursday, 7 July 2011

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt 2. Early reviews say it’s great.

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Now I don’t tend to trust Harry Potter reviews. I remember when Chris Columbus’s tepid efforts came out it was as though critics everywhere were afraid to speak their minds; fearful that their children or grandchildren wouldn’t speak to them again. I recall one review in particular that basically said The Chamber of secrets was rubbish as a film, but you had to look at it as a separate entity and as Harry Potter it was ok!?! Anyway in the intervening years the reviews have become a little more objective and these early reviews (From Movie heavyweights The Hollywood Reporter & Variety as well as the UK’s Daily Telegraph) seem to suggest the film is a winner. The irony here is that the film’s greatest criticism is that the film is perhaps a little too short. (The main weakness of the series has been the tendency for the films to run a little long (very, very long where Mr Columbus’ films are concerned.)

I mean it’s hard to argue when you read statements like this... “In the last scene, ................,we know that even if there will be no more books, these characters will live with us for ever.” From The Telegraph’s Phillip Womack; who also remarks that “This is monumental cinema, awash with gorgeous tones, and carrying an ultimate message that will resonate with every viewer, young or old” . Now I may not be amongst those who fell so deeply into Potter’s movie universe, but I’m not so obtuse as to pretend that I don’t know the films have had this level of effect on millions around the world (Yes Sister dear I’m counting you) and as such it is good to hear that they are likely getting what their dedication deserves; No Chris Columbus! A great final movie.

Very minor spoilers.

The Hollywood Reporter has welcome news for those not entirely enamoured of HP7: Pt1 “The squabbling of Deathly Hallows Part 1 happily a thing of the past” ; and some welcome news for fans of some of the greast support cast of the previous films too... “A number of departed or otherwise absented characters make brief appearances here as a means of tying things together, enabling such actors as Gary Oldman, Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Spall, Miriam Margolyes, Julie Walters and others to make brief curtain calls”

So get ready for all kinds of records to be broken in a little e over a week’s time. Whilst Transformers: Dark of The Moon’s massive opening week has given that film a real shot at joking Pirate Of The Caribbean 4 in the Billion Dollar club, this film is guaranteed to get there before a single ticket has been sold. The only question is how much over $1b it will go; an ‘expert’ friend of mine say $1.2b; I’d listen to him, he’s a professional (aren’t you J?)

Hopefully this will be the finale the final book deserves...


  1. I do hope this last adventure will be as good as the other half of it. Well, you may not agree Ev, but the first part of TDH showed some real developement of some of the actors. All the three main characters has grown in to their roles. At least as I see it.
    However, I went and saw Transformers 3 the other night. Apart from the great visual effects I still feel that this is not my kind of film. It's not that I don't like sci-fi, the original Transformers story or Shia LeBoeuf. It's just that the shots of the girlfriend, the tiny sidekick robots and the misplaced jokes made me frown...deeply. The best part was Leonard Nimoy/Sentinels line about ..."The needs of the many ..." which of course only is a gift for an old trekker : )

  2. Sorry i haven't replied for so long, I'm having major pc problems. ;) I'm not a fan of films 1,2 & 6 but the final book was a lot of fun and I do hope the last film does it justice ;). I think Transformers is one of that small group of things where we don't quite match ;). I do like the humour in them, not so much the soft porn but I guess at least they have the decency to do that with Tongue firmly in cheek. ;)

  3. My man, it's not like we have to agree on everything. I do not hide the fact that I am somewhat of a feminist. Yes, I guess that is just as an ugly word in the UK as in Sweden, however as a woman I like to find a character I can relate to, and I simply can't do that. Well the closest is Shia and thats fine by me ; P

  4. Lol. It's nothing to with feminism really. The reason James Cameron & Miyazaki are two of my favourite directors is they always give you strong female characters. It's just the soft porn nonsense in TF3 is parody as much as anything else. It's making fun of the kind of objectification and the little boys that think it's a good thing. :)

    You're right about a dearth of strong females in TF films, although Megan Fox's character was tougher than people give her credit for in TF1.