Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Planet of The Apes; Andy Serkis is back with another fantastic, Spoiler of a clip!

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(mild spoiler if you haven't seen the trailers)

The first clip we saw with an intro from Mr Mo-Ca (Andy Serkis) was pretty awesome (to use an much overused descriptive) It was a bit of a spoiler, but if you’d paid attention during the trailers there was nothing you didn’t expect, just the details filled in.

This clip is pretty much the same. Whilst it is much shorter it’s job is quite different. The first trailer sought to convince us that Mo-Cap, rather than people in makeup was the way to go; and that you could get the level of detail in facial expression, and the all important eyes, that made making more realistic sentient apes on computers the right move. It worked, all but the most cynical were wowed by the footage and the range of emotions, and more importantly that flicker  back and forth between emotional states and reasoning. Click here to see that if you missed it earlier. To those who say that you can still tell it’s an effect and not a real chimp; other than ‘Duh’ all I can say is that I wonder why you’re here, because fantasy and any form of Sci-Fi not involving human life must be a dreadful bore to you. None of the other Apes movies are watchable because you know it’s people with make up talking and riding horses not REAL Gorillas etc. King Kong (any of them) any films by master craftsman Ray Harryhausen; Star Wars, 2001, and so on. Seriously people, let’s not be negative about everything that happens eh?

This clip i all about showing us there’s a big brain inside that damned dirty ape...

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