Friday, 22 July 2011

Game of Thrones: Season one in 6 minutes, courtesy of HBO at Comic-Con.

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If you’ve seen the show you’ll enjoy the recap, but feel depressed as you remember it’s a long, long wait until season two.  If not then give this a watch, then keep an eye out for repeat showings; or pre-order the stream, DVD or Blu-Ray on Netflix or however you rent things; or just pre-order it to buy. The odds of you not liking it loving it have to be fairly slim.

I'm even missing hearing the theme music every  week; and as for our timely dose of wit and wisdom from Tyrion Lannister(Peter Dinklage) an man who always pays his debts to comedic drama. Its instantly become my favourite, currently running, show and I've started reading the books too. (After a massive internal debate about whether it was better to carry on being surprised by a story I knew nothing about, or to find out what the hell was going to happen ASAP and then sit back and enjoy the adaptation. Knowing the Lord of The Rings story didn’t spoil those movies at all, that was what swayed me in the end.)

Anyway enjoy, but be warned, if you’re already planning to watch at some point then this  is simply 6 minutes of massive spoilers...

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