Thursday, 14 July 2011

Captain America has two new clips; and yes, he throws that mighty shield...

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Once again in the summer of 2011 we are being deluged with clips and mini-trailers for a film. Now if you want to watch then by all means do so, but be fair warned you’re likely to see spoilers and run the risk of having some of the thrills taken away from the actual movie experience.

I can do this...

To be fair this clip, whilst giving away a little of the drama involved doesn’t really spoil anything, because if this doesn’t pan out , then there’s no movie. Of course it does give a little more insight into the character of Steve Rogers and the refreshing notion that he’s a man that someone as pretty as Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) could start falling for, even before the scientifically enhanced Super Hero bod turned up.

Shield fight!!!

Well this is just next of kin to porn for anybody who is a Captain America fan. Our first real look at him throwing that indestructible shield around and getting it to bounce of things and people to do  damage and come back to him. Like watching Superman fly, Spider-Man web-sling, Thor’s Hammer and I guess Harry go Expelliarmus; you just can’t beat this...


  1. great spoilers love the red and the white and the blue when Captain America throws his mighty shield, just does'nt get ant better!!!!!!!!.

  2. Yep if it leads to a fight & a duel is due...