Friday, 22 July 2011

The Hobbit Dwarves all together at last...

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Courtesy of  The official Hobbit Blog

I’ve held off showing every image from The Hobbit over the past few weeks, but here as they are all together at last is a nice picture of all of the main Dwarf characters in the film.

This is who they are and  they are played by, left – to - right...

Nori (Jed Brophy) , Fili  (Dean O'Gorman), Dori (Mark Hadlow), Bofur (James Nesbitt), Gloin  (Peter Hambleton), Dwalin  (Graham McTavish), Thorin Oakenshield  (Richard Armitage), Balin  (Ken Stott), Oin  (John Callen), Bombur  (Stephen Hunter), Bifur  (William Kircher), Ori  (Adam Brown) and Kili  (Aidan Turner).

I wouldn’t want to owe them any money!

Here’’s a link to Production Diary number 3, if you’ve actually been in Middle Earth and missed it yesterday...

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