Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ender's Game: The most exciting book never filmed?

So after two weeks posting about movies and the various articles I've had up on I'm finally getting to the bones of what this site should be all about. Books into movies. The Good the bad and yet to filmed. It's only right that i start with a book that is one of my favourite all time books. ENDER'S GAME! It is a magnificent work and has been complemented by another vook set during the same timeline ENDER's SHADOW. Together they would make an absoloutely magnificent film. It's always possible it could be two films, but a nice Lord of the Rings length epic could really be one of the all time great Science fiction films of all time.

The books have been transformed into a comic book series and graphic Novels. ( I am currently reading these). I hope to encourage as many people as I can to read the Novel and it's sequels / spin offs; to give an outline of the developement hell that has been te efforts to make a film of ender's game. I know, I know if a book is worth movifying (Another real word i assure you!) it has to have at least five years and three studios before it even thinks about actually being a film!

I'm expecting this series to be another of those that I have placed on the Sci-fi channel's UK website, but that is of course up to my editor/ so far he has been eager to use every idea I've thrown at him, in fact there are about ten blogs backed up on his laptop right now waiting for breathing space on the website.

So for now think of this as more like a taster for the information to come and please take the time to find Ender's game for yourselves. If you are even 10% as thrilled by it as I am you can help in the crusade to get it made into a film, and a great film at that.


  1. As you probably already know a "moviefying" has been tried with Orson himself as screenwriter and Wolfgang Petersen as director. But somehow the project was cancelled.

    I´m a big fan just as yourself of the books of Ender, and i really want to see the stories on the screen.

    I´m a huge Sci-Fi fan, but i´m more into movies, although i like to read really good books, like the Ender saga....

    More Sci-Fi to all carbonunits on the planet!

  2. Unnfortunately I do/ I actually still have an Email from Orson Scott Card himself back in July 2002 about some of the problems the movie was having!

    I just think it's worth perservering with. Especially with Sci-Fi, comic books and Fantasy as hot as they've ever been there must be a way around the problems.
    I think a lot may depend on how well Avatar: the Last Airbender does next summer. If they make that in right way it could be huge and show that a film where children are, essentially, at war can be successful. If so expect studios to be knocking on Card's door again very quickly.

    Thannks for commenting.

  3. Another tought on the movie about Ender.

    I belive that the first two books of the four would easily reach a big audience if they're transformed to film, but the last two books can be hard for the mainstream audience to grasp. Altough i really want to see the whole story (all of the books) on the big screen, I think it'll be difficult..

    By your opinion would you say that Wolfgang Petersen are the right one to pull this of?

  4. I thought he was perfect 7 years ago. Now, I think James Cameron could pull it off. Other than that Ridley Scott or Paul Greengrass. It might be interesting to see Peter Jackson have a go?

    Who do you think would be best?

  5. It depends. I have a few in mind who could pull that off, if they have a good script to work with.

    Tim Burton - A very good choice I think, he can emphasise the more dark aspect of the book.

    Peter Jackson - is aslo a good choice and why not let him do the film with Guillermo del Toro as in The Hobbit. Jackson has tried to get Guillermo in several projects but The Hobbit is the only one Guillermo has accepted. However those two are a really good choice.

    Luc Besson - Why not?

    James Cameron - Needs no explanation why.

    Ridley Scott - Maby...

    Paul Verhoeven - Altough I think his glory days are over, it will be a good comeback for him.

    Michael Bay - Maby he can make it? Or it just gets to "buttery American style"

    M.Night Shyamalan - Much I like to see him make this movie, I do not think that he could pull it off. I love his movies but this is not for him. But i would be fun to see what he could do with it.

  6. Luc Besson!!

    I can't believe I never tought of that. He could be fantastic.

    Of course I think we should remind him how cool a Mathilda movie would be.; Leon is such a good film.

  7. I totally agree. Leon is a very good movie, but Luc Besson´s best is of course Fifth Element. I can see that one over and over again and never get bored..


  8. Hmmmm I love the Fifth Element. That scene where the space liner descends and that blue alien is singing is one of the most beautiful scenes in any film.

    Nikita is awesome too and seems to be a little bit forgotten, maybe because of the lame American remake. They are 3 astounding films either way.

  9. Can´t argue with you there. :-)

    But we can´t give Luc all the credit, I mean Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis & Ian Holm are super in Fifth Element. Chris Tucker and Milla Jovovich makes their best performance ever. All the others are very good to of course.

    And Nikita, I have very hard to beleve that it would be that great without Anne Parillaud. She is not that good in Innocent Blood.

    Finally Leon. One of Gary´s & Jean´s best performance and not to forget a very young Natalie Portman also doing her best performance ever.

    Hmm.. Suddenly i feel a urge to see all movies.... :-)

  10. You're a bad influene. Now we're going to have to have a esson Marathon. Nikit, then Leon followed by The Fifth Element. Maybe even throw in a Besson production in Taxi!

    Leon is just a collecton of everything being 100% quality. Natalie Portman! What a find she was. Jean Reno is peerles ans as for Gay Oldman.


  11. Meby we got a little of topic talking about Luc Besson, but we like what he has done for us.. :-)

    What do you think? Will there ever be a movie about Ender?

  12. Hi Daniel.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

    I think where there's a will there's a way. There are millions of Ender's #game fans out there; sooner or later someone in the film business will make a real effort to get the film made.

    I also think that if "The Last Airbender"
    ( )
    is a hit Film studios will see a film with children fighting in and preparing to fight in wars can work and fast track Ender's Game.