Thursday, 14 July 2011

Harry Potter takes $43.6m on Wednesday.

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I know, some of you will be more shocked at the thought that millions of people in 26 countries were able to see the film yesterday (Tuesday if you count midnight shows) whilst you’re all having to wait until tomorrow (Midnight tonight!)

Well those lucky Potter maniacs haven’t been wasting anytime. Helping the film to make a ridiculous $43.6m already! As if that didn’t sound astounding enough the stats people say that is 82% ahead of the pace of Deathly Hallows part 1! (My exclamation key is wearing out here Harry!)

The 3D share was 65% and that is giving the film a very good chance of beating Half Blood Prince’s record breaking opening of $394m. Already the film has broken the opening day records in Australia, Italy, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and Finland.
It’s turning into quite a farewell...

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