Friday, 22 July 2011

Rise of The Planet of The Apes Spoiler full “sizzle reel” from Comic-Con.

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I'm almost ashamed to post this as it is so full of spoilers, but as I did with X-Men: First Class & Green Lantern, I watched enough to know that it was worth showing you, but not so much that I had the movie ‘spoiled’ for me. But be warned you will definitely see some things you probably don't want to see if you watch this.

Now to be fair the whole ape escape and riot / revolution isn’t really a spoiler because, let’s face it what else would the movie be about? But there’s some real detail here including the fate of what appears to be one of the main human characters in the film (technically it spoils two things that happen to him) and some glimpse into, what Andy Serkis described the other day, Caesar’s military prowess.


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