Friday, 5 August 2011

Catwoman, Anne Hathaway style. Image from The Dark Knight Rises...

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Here’s a first look at Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. She’s riding a Batpod which could mean any one of at least a dozen things. Given that the Tumbler appears to have been, stolen or copied or Purchased from Wayne Industries at least 3 times, based on video (clip below) and images from the film, it is by no means certain that she’s riding Batman’s Pod (I’m not going there!) and it isn’t certain that it means she’s in The League of Shadows or part of Bane’s revolution either. Speculation on a Christopher Nolan film is an exercise in futility so just enjoy the pic. I’m sure it has been ripped to shreds 1,757,894 times already.
Bane (Tom Hardy)

Me? I like it...

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