Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; In film pics of Lisbeth and Mikael...

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This has to rank as one of the genuine must see films of 2011. The David Fincher adaptation of the highly successful first novel is promising to be as faithful to the book as these things can be. The extreme elements of the book are intact; although as Daniel Craig himself says there’s not much left to film if you remove them and even less point.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; Daniel Craig discusses the film and being bond.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo website upgrades with great pics and character bios...

So far we’ve been restricted to the Posters and the website’s character profiles, but here we have two crisp stills that once again show us, those who have read the books especially, how much of a physical match for the character of Lisbeth Rooney Mara is. With other elements looking to set this film apart from the other adaptation, including the key return f Lisbeth’s Original guardian, fans of the books (especially those not blinded by the idea that a book cannot be made more than one without being a remake (Rome & Juliet? A Christmas Carol? King Lear? Three Musketeers? Etc!) and the millions of people who simply don’t watch films not made in English (sad but it aint changing anytime soon) should be in for a treat...


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