Friday, 19 August 2011

(Updated with more action)The Avengers; Chris Hemsworth (Thor) & Chris Evans (Captain America battle) ****** on the streets of New York. Video and pics... (Spoilers of course)

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The Captain is a little the worse for wear

Well the race is on to see if the internet can get all of the outside scenes from The Dark Knight Rises onscreen before all of the outside scenes for The Avengers are online! Will there be enough left for people to need to go and see the movies! The plus side of all this is the amount of "real" work being done will lead to a better looking movie. Far too much of Green Lantern was done on the PC; I'm not taking about the ring stuff, but there were cars and trucks getting thrown about and they could have done more of that for real and helped the look of the movie. 

Well of course people will still be queuing up for those movies: especially in the cast of The Avengers, because unless seeing a bunch of Stuntmen in Motion capture gear firing invisible energy weapons at Thor and Captain America (seriously wounding the good captain id that blood is anything to go by) isn’t enough of a thrill. Are they Skrull? (Apparently Skrull is plural for Skrull, not Skrulls) That still seems the most likely bet. If they are this really is an ambitious movie, even more so than it is anyway. It also shows why bringing aliens and other planets into the MCU in Thor was a very necessary step. Jumping straight from Iron Man into Earth being the mid-ground in an inter-galactic war with shape changing Aliens (assuming they still change shape) would have been a mighty leap for the audience. Now that Thor has established Aliens exist, Aliens have been on Earth for thousands of years and some of them, The Asgardians, look out for us, the Skrull incursion? Invasion? will be easier to swallow.

Speaking of Goldilocks, he’s wearing his Thor (the movie) costume nd not his Bicep revealing Avengers one, which suggest that all this destruction and fighting we’ve been watching takes place in the first half of the film.

Bring on May 2012 please...


STOP! Mjolnir time!!

Captain America comes flying out of the window (look to the let of the screen)

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