Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Change Up: new Red Band Trailer (adult) for the R rated comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.

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Summer 2011 has been the season of the R rated comedy (That’s comedy for adults for all of those non American readers.) The Hangover Pt II, Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses have all been cleaning up at the global box office. Even Friends With Benefits may yet prove to be a fair sized hit too.

So we come to The Change up; from the writers of The Hangover (Scott Moore & Jon Lucas) and the director of Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin). Starring Ryan Reynolds in what too many people still think is the only genre he’s capable of, comedy. It also features one of the stars of another Summer R rated hit, Jason Bateman from Horrible Bosses. It’s a body swap comedy that ups the ante by not having a child swap with an adult or a child instantly grow into an adult (or vice versa) here two best friends, one married (Bateman) the other extremely single (Reynolds) swap lives and, allegedly, merriment ensues. (Closer to Re Dwarf episode Bodyswap than Big, or Freaky Friday)

See for yourself...

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