Monday, 15 August 2011

One Day; clips and UK TV spots for the Romance novel adaptation starring Anne Hathaway...

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As it’s only been around a week since the last post on this anticipated film, I’ll keep the background brief.

The Novel has been a  best seller on both sides of the Atlantic and hopes are high for a faithful adaptation of the source; all the more so because this has been adapted for the screen by the novelist himself (David Nicholls). As well as Oscar nominated Catwoman Anne Hathaway and “rising British star” (I bet he loves that) Jim Sturgess, the film has a quality director in Lone Scherfig (An Education), so understandably both fans of the novel and just regular moviegoers are holding out hope that this will be a quality romance.

We’ve never met...

A Winter in Paris...

An orgy...

TV spot (UK)...

TV spot 2 (UK)...

The film hits the Us on the 19th of August and the UK on the 24th. More releas dates below...

Release dates...

Iceland                       17 August 2011        
Russia                         18 August 2011        
Canada                       19 August 2011        
USA                           19 August 2011        
France                        24 August 2011        
UK                             24 August 2011        
Ireland                       26 August 2011        
Portugal                      1 September 2011    
Greece                        8 September 2011   
Hong Kong                 8 September 2011   
Denmark                    29 September 2011 
Czech Republic          6 October 2011        
Finland                      14 October 2011      
Spain                         14 October 2011      
Sweden                     14 October 2011      
Hungary                     20 October 2011     
Italy                           21 October 2011      
Netherlands               31 October 2011      
Germany                   3 November 2011     
Estonia                    4 November 2011

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