Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Man of Steel: Set pics of Superman, Kryptonian Femme Fatale Faora & another Mo-cap villain. (Not a Skrull)

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Well any doubts about the presence of lack of the traditional (but let’s face it , dated) Red trunks on the Superman Costume are seriously put to bed now. Superman costume matches the new design, premiering soon in the comic books) where the ‘underwear on the outside’ look is a thing of the past.

Superman strides out to meet Faora & pal

Having seen an infinite number of mo-cap baddies (Skrull? Trolls? Dark Elves? Evil Muppets?) on the behind the scenes pics and videos for The Avengers, we no see that dodgy Kryptonian villain Faora (spared you the alliteration this time) is accompanied by some kind of non human looking side-kick / hench-thing. As if walking around in a cloak that’s ½ a metre too long wasn’t enough, Superman has to deal with a hench-thing too?!

My cape is better than yours biatch...

I know we’re a long way from seeing either this or The Avengers, let alone knowing whether either will actually be any good (I’m betting on The Avengers, but Man of Steel I’m not so sure about) ; aaaand I know that Green Lantern was not the best film, but seeing Cavill’s Superman, so close to seeing Hemsworth’s Thor, really makes me want to see a JLA / Avengers movie. Thor & Superman and some wicked cool fights in that limited series. (Even if the final outcome (before they all realised they were on the same side) fell afoul of DC’s ‘Superman can never lose’ edicts.

Faora can't remember where she parked...

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