Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Crow: Bradley Cooper leaves the new film as the search for the lead restarts...

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Bradley Cooper, who has had a fantastic year with the well received hit Limitless and the monster success of The Hangover Pt. 2, has had to drop out of the lead role in Relativity’s new film of the comic book ‘The Crow’. According to The Hollywood Reporter Cooper has had to drop out of the film because of conflicts with other films he is committed to making. In particular there is Paradise Lost which is set to film at the same time that Relativity want to begin shooting The Crow.

Intruders Trailer; A Supernatural thriller starring Clive Owen and from the writer / director of 28 Weeks later.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of 28 Weeks Later and the upcoming Intruders, is still in line to direct the film and it is possible that Mark Wahlberg (who was apparently offered the role way back in October 2010) could again be the choice. The comics have been adapted four times already; most famously the first time with Brandon Lee in the lead role. That film was directed by Alex Proyas (Dark City, I Robot) and was a critical and commercial success, which cannot really be said of the other versions.

For those unfamiliar with the story The Crow tells the story of Eric Draven, a musician, who is killed whilst trying to protect his fiancĂ©e from a gang of brutal rapists. He is brought back from the dead by supernatural forces, in the form of a crow, and seeks revenge.  The Crow helps him and angers him at turns and whilst he getting his vengeance he is haunted by memories of his relationship and now lost life.

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