Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Battleship movie: Director explains why aliens are in the story and... it still kinda doesn’t make sense.(Some Spoilers)

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Rihanna is not using an Umbrella-ella-ella 

OK, OK why am I expecting this to make sense? Well I’m talking action movie sense, because even when you’re watching movies that are pretty over the top silly, like Fast 5, they still have to make some kind of sense to be enjoyable. Most people thought a lot of Fast 5 was ridiculous, but it followed its own, laws of Physics defying logic and was immense fun. Here we’re just trying to work out what’s so difficult about the aliens sinking the Battleships? Sure were also waiting for that Alien ship to transform into some evil Decepticon because it really looked like a Transformer AND it sounded like a Transformer. It even had bits on it that moved about; but I guess seeing as Hasbro own Transformers and Battleships nobody is getting sued.

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HEY! Maybe that’s the big surprise; it’s actually a Hasbro Mash up; cruising in on the publicity that will follow Marvel Studios Avengers movie with a surprise Battleship VS Transformers mega movie!
Well over at Movies.com they have an exclusive set visit interview with Director Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom, The Rundown) in it he describes the idea he had for the movie and what exactly the aliens are about.

He describes the classic 5 ship flotilla in the game as a recon group. It turns out the Aliens in the film are a Recon Group from another planet. A collection of different classes of ships (Which he refers to as Regents & Thugs). This small group allows for what he feels is a fairer fight between our forces and theirs, as well as taking the scale away from an Independence Day style global confrontation. They have been attracted to Earth, specifically to the satellite signal from Oahu, and are investigating the usefulness of the planet. It is already of massive significance because it appears to have breathable air: the ships appear to be ‘Star Trek’ style in that they are a combination of scientific and military vessels. In an amusing quote Berg describes what else the aliens may be looking after...

“Could be water, could be minerals, could be fuel….they could want turtles,”

So having discovered that there are plenty of Turtles worth nicking and taking home for Alien Thanksgiving the Recon group want to call home, however their communications ship gets destroyed and as nobody has any credit on their mobiles (Cells) they need to borrow our satellite to call home. And that,  as they say, is where it all kicks off; We sank their  Battleship!

As suspected the alien’s level of technology will contribute to a cat and mouse situation where humans cannot just shoot their targets down, they have to locate them. Of course it remains to be seen what will stop the enemy from just being able to see and destroy our battleships, Submarines have an obvious advantage, but giant warships?

The $200m film stars Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Liam Neeson (Taken, Batman Begins), Rihanna (many music videos) and Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood). It will open around the world from the 18th of May 2012.

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