Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Final Destination 5; a flood of TV spots for the latest...

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Very creative poster highlighting this film's "death  incident"

Well if you don’t know what the Final Destination movies are about by now chances are you couldn’t give a monkey’s anyway. Sure the first film was way back in 2000 when Devon Sawa was the rising star, exactly, and this type of film still seemed fresh. But it has to be said it’s a fairly restrained production schedule for a horror series. Instead of churning out sequel after sequel every 1 -2 years the series stuck to a pattern of 3 years between each film. This didn’t necessarily mean we were getting the Godfather of horror movies in terms of quality, but it did manage to maintain interest in the series, without ever making audiences tired of the format. Grosses remained amazingly steady too with little drop of in the fan base, even if new fans weren’t really being created either.

That changed in 2009 when the series took advantage of the new 3D tech to add an extra dimension to the series. Horror is the main genre (not counting porn I suppose) where those who see 3D as merely a gimmick have a string argument. However when you consider that much of this type of film is gimmick to shock, to make you jump, using sound, lighting and effects anyway that’s not necessarily the criticism it is believed to be anyway. The step ‘up’ brought back the old fans and added some new ones too; aided by the fashionable trend of naming your latest movie in a way that sounded like the first (Rambo, Fast & Furious), as this time it promised the end of the series. 

International takings flew up from $63.6m to $119.7m; But The Final Destination wasn’t to be The Final Destination. The series now seems to be lurching towards typical Horror tropes; this sequel comes just 2 years after the Last and the promise of the last in the series being quickly ‘broken’ after the cash rolled in.  We shall see if those factors lead to a drop in sales or if the appetite for more has actually been increased, as with Fast 5. That film however was considered a massive step up, not only from Fast & Furious, but for the series as a whole.

Final Death match...
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Final Destination
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
The Final Destination

10 Years, 1 Destination...

1 by 1...

Death is Final...



  1. I feel that the trailers for this and the previous entry in the series give too much away. Showing the death sequences in the trailer, only to cut away at the last second, removes much of the impact when watching the movie itself, regardless if it was a real death or one of the deam sequences.

  2. I have to agree there. They show way too much in these trailers. The whole point of the film gets very diluted.