Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Three Musketeers have a new trailer.

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I have say I’m looking forward to this film more and more. I love the cast and the story is of course an absolute classic, and not just because it’s old. OF course it does seem to be trotted out every 5 – 8 years but this time it does look as though a genuine effort has been made to make something different.

Airship cannonball battles in the style of sea battles is such a Miyazaki like visual that it’s hard not to smile at it.

The film stars Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil, Fifth Element) as M’Lady De Winter, Orlando Bloom (Lord Of The Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean) as a more #evil’ Buckingham, Chritoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Green Hornet) as Cardinal Richeliue, Ray Stevenson (Thor, Rome) as Porthos, Matthew Macfadyen (Robin Hood) as Athos, Luke Evans (Robin Hood) as Aremis and Juno Temple (Little Birds) as Queen Anne. Logan Lerman (3:10 Yuma, Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief – but we shan’t hold that against him)

It’s written and directed by Paul W S Anderson, who has slowl been building a reputation for himself outside of North America where his Resident Evil films, he’s written all 4 and directed 1 & 4, have grown into a very potent action series,  each film substantially out grossing the one before. The last film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, made $236m outside internationally; you will be unsurprised to read that a fifth Resident Evil film is due out next year.



  1. Well, having seen this story many times, I kind of feel that they really have to do something spectacular in this film to lure me into the saloon. However, the idea of getting to see Christophh Waltz is swaying my determination.
    BTW from which age do YOU think Transformers 3 is suitable?

  2. Indeed. I've seen more films than I can remember, Dogtanian, read the books even seen Barbie! There's the hint of some different things happening here though.

    Transformers is a tough one to call the age on. It depends on the child, but there's a lot of killing, the Transformer deaths are kinds harsh, but the human ones are too. I don't think I'd take anyone younger than 10 or 11, but some kids are just better than others with this kind of thing.