Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Is The 3D worth paying for?

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It’s a question that pops up on lot from readers and info searches, so I now put these up independent of reviews and even if I don’t write3 a review. (As with Green Lantern) It has nothing to do with the quality of the film (or my opinion on the quality of the film) The assumption being that if you’re asking the question you’re already going, you just need to know what ticket to buy.

Here the answer simply has to be yes. To illustrate just how much so I’ll say that I got to see the film early this evening (I got home about 20 minutes ago) and it was a free preview. So I’ve seen the film in 3D for free, but when I got to see it again I’m not going for the cheaper 2D option, if I want to see everything that goes on in this film then I want to see it in 3D; no better than that we’re going to go see it in IMAX.

Even as we were watching the film I was aware that I couldn’t see everything that was going on, there was so much happening and whilst your focus was often given to the central action, the peripheries were often furnished with interesting events too.

I enjoyed the film itself and I should think anyone who enjoyed the first movie should enjoy this one too and all the better for being in 3D. The technical skills behind this film are tremendous and the 3D aspect has been seized with relish by the planners and director Bay. Whilst it was thrilling to see the transformations in the first film in this it is as if they were aware that the novelty may have worn off and that simply showing the same transformations in 3D wasn’t going to be enough. (I think it may have been) So here we have hapless humans plucked out of vehicles at high speed, or thrown out so the car can transform and plucked out of midair again and somehow placed into a transformer mid change back into a car; all in stunning 3D.

The wing suit scenes are almost enough for the 3D price alone. Even if I had hated the film I think I still would have been impressed with that scene. Knowing that they actually filmed real people flying around in those marvellous suits and then added the absolute carnage going on around them later, just made it all the more impressive.

So if you’re going to see it, go see it in 3D...

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