Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fast & Furious 6 coming Summer 2013.

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Fast Five has been a massive success worldwide, surpassing all expectations along the way. It hasn’t quite finished making money yet and is about to cross the $600m mark (the previous film’s total was $363m). The cast reunion theme as well as the continued shift from street racing to car skills heist movie opened up the film to a much wider audience. The addition of Dwayne Johnson also gave the film a must see factor for action fans as the, greater than the sum of the parts, combination of Johnson and Vin Diesel proved irresistible to action fans.

Of course it also helped that the film was a lot fun to watch and the retention of Justin Lin as director for the fourth film in a row will be welcome news for the series’ fans. Those who stayed until the end of the film will know that the series should  continue the reunion theme started with 2009’s Fast & Furious with Johnson and two other cast members from previous films looking to return; additionally the film looks to continue globetrotting with Germany a possible setting for Fast 6. Also that shocking final image should bring people out in droves to find out what on Earth is going on.



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