Thursday, 13 October 2011

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is coming Easter 2013...

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Fans of the ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief’ movie have been sweating on the follow up film for some time. It’s been ‘kind of’ planned for months now, but Fox have finally given the film a release date, so it’s all a bit more official now. The film, which is to be adapted from the second of the  books, will open in North America on the 26th of March 2013; just over 3 years after the first film's début.

The reception of the first film was mixed to say the least. Personally I found it pretty absurd as it didn’t seem to follow its own internal logic at all; and I could spend a long, long time repeating many of the hilarious observations the children I saw the film with (aged 5(she didn’t see it all, too scary) 10 & 10 at the time) made about the film’s many ludicrous moments. They are especially fond of Pierce Brosnan’s magic Wheelchair for the hiding of the Centaur about town’s Horsey parts. The film was only moderately successful in North America, taking $88,768,303. But fantasy films tend to play far stronger internationally and the film grossed $137,728,906; enough for a $226,497,209 total and a, hopefully, better and higher grossing sequel.. Of course it's yet more bile for fans of The much higher grossing Golden Compass ($372,234,864) which was so poorly managed it is realistically awaiting a complete restart.

Still with Chris Columbus thankfully nowhere near this film there’s every chance a much improved sequel will be delivered and can demonstrate to the uninitiated, and those underwhelmed by the first film, just why over 20 million Percy Jackson books have been sold.

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