Monday, 24 October 2011

Star Wars Episode 1 3D: Trailer for next year’s 3D cinema release...

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It is very hard to tell whether this film’s release next year will be any kind of a draw. It is far more popular than some people like to think; but not in the way that the original trilogy is. Fans of the ‘old’ Star Wars films would (or at least would have) come out in number to see the film’s on the big screen again. In fact they did, back in 1997 helping that release to well over $120m in North America. Here the question is will large numbers of people come out to see a film they likely own on DVD & / or Blu-Ray at the cinema? At expensive 3D rates no less? I guess we’ll see, but there seems to be less of a compelling reason to catch this one than to see the re-release of Titanic in 3D next Spring, or even the recent Lion King  release. Still 'Duel of the Fates in 3d? Hmmm...Curse you Lucas :)

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