Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Man of Steel: Russell Crowe takes a cigarette break in Jor-El costume...

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I’m by no means a Superman fan or expert on the looks, designs etc of characters in the comics. I do know that these things change repeatedly over time and talk of “classic” looks is usually nonsense and / or purely subjective.

That said here’s a , low quality sorry, look at Russell Crowe in is Jor-El costume. A strange mix of what appears to be the basic Superman Costumer, with an overcoat thingy that reminds of Adventures in the forbidden Zone or something like that. I like that it incorporates the Superman suit and kind of gives that outfit a reason to exist. Other than that all I have t say is “Russell! Quit it, it’s so bad for your health mate!”

Pics from ComicBookMovie.com...

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