Friday, 2 September 2011

The Wolverine is getting a re-write...

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According to Variety Mark Bomback has been hired to rewrite Christopher McQuarrie's script for the delayed (‘cursed?) The Wolverine. Filming on the film has been delayed by the lasting effects of the Jaanese Tsunami; With Jackman no longer having time to make the film until after he finishes work on Les Miserables, directed by Tom Hooper.

It has been suggested that the film will now involve less location filming in Japan, with some rumours saying the locations or the story itself as well as the shoot, may change significantly. Given that the script, based on a classic Wolverine mini-series, was considered exceptional by many, including original director, Darren Aronofsky, you have to wonder if this re-write is more to do with rearranging the locations and some characters, to better fit with a film not exclusively (or even predominantly) set in Japan.

Curiously McQuarrie and Bomback’s writing paths have only just crossed. McQuarrie wrote the screenplay for Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack The Giant Killer, which had its story written by Bomback. Here’s hoping they haven’t just decided to drop a ton of the drama and character development for an extra sword fight or two.

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