Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fast 6 means Justin Lin can’t direct the new Terminator film...(yet)

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As I suggested a while back, Justin Lin is just going to be too busy working on Fast & Furious 6 to direct Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the Terminator series. According to Deadline Lin has now officially pulled out of the movie, but as they are planning to end the story in 2 films he hasn’t ruled himself out of the filming the 2nd film, or even the next one IF the release date gets pushed back far enough to allow him to finish Fast 6. (Lin has directed the last 3 Fast & Furious films to increasing levels of success.) 

Deadline also reports that in 2018 the North American rights to the Terminator will revert back to James Cameron, because their copyright law states that ‘assigned’ rights revert back after 35 years. (It’s hard to believe that the whole thing started so long ago!) There’s no finished script for this film so Justin Lin may yet have tome to finish his latest cars & crime film before pre-production on this film needs to take place. The original hopes to bring the new Terminator film out sometime in 2012 are looking increasingly optimistic and it seems likely to join Star Trek 2.1, The Wolverine and Man of Steel as films that will be making their debuts in 2013 and not in 2012 as originally advertised.

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