Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway in full Catwoman costume. (mini-update)

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look ma! ears!

Well I say full costume, we’ve already seen her in full costume, the only difference is here we get to see her walking about so we can see the whole thing. More importantly we get to see the ears that I reported...

Catwoman’s secret ears; Anne Hathaway calms head-wear hysteria...

...Ms. Hathaway was promising us.

All I can say is that I think it looks great, but it’s still almost the worst disguise ever. Is that little mask really supposed to keep her identity secret? J and those are some serious heels she’s kicking butt in. Seriously though, she looks like Catwoman and that’s that.

Now I'd expect some much better quality  official pics soon, but these will have to do for now. Satisfied? Silly question right?

Already seen a few disappointed type comments around the web; so I thought I’d add this...
It is Catwoman standard: Nothing especially new or different. I'm not disappointed. It may have been cool to see Miller's batman Year One Catwoman costume in a film. It may well have a few more surprises in it, especially if Ms Hathaway is to be believed (and so far she hasn’t steered us wrong). But she's meant to be a Cat Burglar, stealthy and all that, so an all black, Matt, ‘business suit’ fits the Nolan Bat-Universe perfectly really. It’ll be loaded with tech, wait and see.


  1. I must be the only person on this earth who didn't love "The Dark Knight", my brother went several days in a row to see it again. But, somehow when people hype a film before you see it creates expectations, which can be hard to meet. In my case I was impressed by our Joker, but for the rest....well I don't know. I still prefer to read my old "Läderlappen" comics again than to see a "Batman"film. (And yes, Läderlappen is the old Swedish word for our mystery man, it means leatherpatch, its wonderful right ha,ha !)
    With all that said, I wonder how anyone can expect Hathaway to add something new to the role. She is a good actress, but the role in it self does not give much room for shakespeare interpretations. The poster is nice though !

  2. It's like we said about Game of Thrones; if you've heard too much hype, by the time you see / read something, you're almost guaranteed to be let down. "That man's been brought back to life!"

    "Well sure, he's alive... but he's not very young is he? couldn't he be better looking?" :))

    I loved The Dark Knight, Love Batman begins too. As for Catwoman, well it depends what they write doesn't it. I've read a lot of Batman over the years so I know that we've hardly seen anything of Catwoman on screen. In fact if you take away Tim Burton / Michelle Pfiffer's multiple personality disorder version you've almost only ever seen one version of Catwoman. There's really a lot more to do with her, and her relationship with Bruce / Batman.

    I'm loving the sound of this Leatherpatch (although I'm concerned, are we back on porn here?) :) I'll have to see if I can et some over here. No not porn! Leatherpatch! :)

    You have to say though, surely Scarlett Johansson's Super hero outfit looks much more practical for fighting in than Hathaway's! Kung-fu in those heels? maybe not!