Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Walking Dead: Two Season 2 trailers...

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It was an excruciatingly short first season for The Walking Dead, but now we have just a couple of weeks to go before it returns; with a 90 minute spectacular no less! I still have to remind myself that this actually happened, that three’s a TV show about Zombies, ZOMBIES, that is not only interesting, but compelling. To remind us just how much we’ve missed the show AMC have 2 new trailers for our viewing pleasure.

The Walking Dead; Frank Darabont quits as showrunner and season 2 trailer.

It’s been a bad off season for the show, with the Network making few friends when then fired Frank Darabont, the man who is most responsible for dragging the show to air and (most likely) for its supreme quality.  On top of this there’s the puzzling decision to split the show into 2 halves: The first 6 episodes will begin airing on the 165th of October (In North America) but then the show will disappear for several months, before the 2nd season’s final 6 episodes begin on the 12th of February. Of course that split may show into sharp relief any drop in standards in the post Darabont era as we should be well into the episodes made without his input by then.

Here come the Zombies...

More zombies

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