Thursday, 8 September 2011

Three Musketeers: “This is definitely a version...that isn’t your parents’'s not your grandparents’ version.” – Mila Jovovich. “Every generation should have their ...” – Christoph Waltz...

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Having written about this film just a few days ago I’ll keep this one short and sweet. (See here)

The Three Musketeers TV spot. One for All & all for flying Warships and cannon bombs...

This is, as MR. Waltz & Ms Jovovich point out, not a faithful adaptation of the novel so much as a modern, fantasy version of the classic tale with many a change for the sake of the movie. Will it be for everyone? No of course not, but with so many other films and TV shows (Ahem Dogtanian) out there it’s not really as if any but the most ignorant should be left with the impression that this is what the book and the D'Artagnan sequel books are really about what happens here. If it has been done well, and Anderson is an extremely hit and miss director, then there would be great scope for some serious fantasy adventures of the type Alan Moore writes so well in his ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ comics: sadly lacking in the big screen adaptation.

I know people, personally and online, who are mortified at the very notion of this film and who would have to be forced at gunpoint to even contemplate watching it. But at the same time there are many others who have the reaction that the film simply looks like an awful lot of fun. We’ll find out if it lives up (or down for some people) to that promise of fun soon.

Full quotes
“This is definitely a version of the Musketeers that isn’t your parents’ version & it's not your grandparents’ version.” – Mila Jovovich

“Every generation should have their version of Three Musketeers.” – Christoph Waltz

One for all & all for one Muskahounds are ...


  1. A large part of me really wants this film to be a smash-hit. It is the part who likes Milla Jovovich and still has not got over how good Waltz was as a naziofficer. But another part is still in doubt on how they will make this film stand out among other 3 M-films. Because if we are only about to see a little bit more modern violence, Jovovich naked butt and new jokes...then my doubts remains. So all I'm saying is "please surprise me, just for once!"
    (PS I've have had a cold and been to tired to comment on your post's lately, I've not jumped ship or so ; P)

  2. I hope you're a bit better Now Met. I've not been too well myself so I haven't really written much (detail) even when I have posted. I've definitely missed you though :)

    I all seriousness I till think Dogtanian is about the most faithful version I've seen :)) I like the 1970's films with Charlton Heston, Oliver Red and Michael York. (Or at least I used to). This one looks like it's mostly using the characters to tell a fantasy / action story and not really the book's story so it should be different. Let's hope it's entertaining at least. :)