Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lost Christmas; trailer for the ‘feel good’ film starring Eddie Izzard...

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Thanks to Eddie Izzard for pointing us all in the direction of this Christmas film. It will be released in various territories around the world, but gets its U.K premiere on the BBC this Christmas.

“This is a trailer for a new film I'm in called Lost Christmas.
It will be out as a film on TV on BBC One this Xmas and a film on release in cinemas around the world.

I hope you like it as I think it is a wonderful Urban Fairytale.”

“An enigmatic man appears in Manchester on Christmas Eve and touches the lives of a group of people who have all lost something, whether it be a dog, a bangle, a daughter or their mind. Their lives will change dramatically all because of this one day.”

A decent cast, snow, Christmas and set in my adopted home of Manchester; I guess i’ll be watching this film. See if it’s a present you want to unwrap, or one to leave under the tree...

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