Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wrath Of The Titans: Featurette on Kronos; the previous King of the Universe, who ate his own children to ensure he stayed king...

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So we come to the last of the creature featurettes. This film’s big bad guy is Kronos. In the myths he swallowed his own children to ensure that he and the Titans would reign supreme forever. Here it would seem that locking the massive titan deep in the Earth has not improved his disposition, although it does appear to have given him a very molten appearance.

Kronos, father of the gods...
“Kronos proved his appetite for destruction at a young age, when his mother Gaia tried to convince him and his brothers to murder their father, Uranus. The only one willing to do the deed, Kronos castrated his father and killed him, and assumed the throne as leader of the Titans. Destined to suffer a similar fate that befell his father, Kronos was overthrown by his sons Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, who left him to rot in the gloomy abyss of Tartarus, the nightmarish dungeon that lies deep within the underworld. But Kronos is gaining power as the gods lose theirs, dangerously weakened by humanity's lack of devotion. The gargantuan Titan is on the verge of breaking free from Tartarus and unleashing hell on earth...”

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