Friday, 2 March 2012

Indiana Jones series finally comes to Blu-Ray...

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Raiders of The Lost Ark is still one of the go-to films when critics and movie aficionados talk about the “intelligent Blockbuster2. That elusive film that isn’t really trying to be anything more than pure fun and entertainment, but that does so with such style, quality and yes, intelligence, that it warfronts being considered one of the best films of its type and of all time.

Whatever your personal appraisal of the subsequent 3 films (and I know there many that are secretly counting Spielberg’s Tintin film as an unofficial Indian Jones 4.5) this is one film collection that truly belongs in every home. I’d personally welcome another Indy film, but really I think it needs WETA’s Avatar / Rise of The Apes teh to advance sufficiently to allow Harrison Ford to be ‘youthed’ about 20 years or so as his age, however cool he was, was a definite distraction in the previous film. But if Spielberg can be energised enough to bring the level of commitment and creativity that he showed in Tintin, Indiana Jones 5, will be worth twice the price of admission. The Blu-Ray set will be available this autumn.

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