Monday, 5 March 2012

Brave: Japanese trailer for Pixar’s latest has a touch of Miyazaki about it...

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Here’s one for those of you that like to see things from a slightly different perspective. It’s interesting seeing this in Japanese; with the female protagonist, the magic and the “conflict” between nature and “civilisation” this film really does have the feel of a Hayao Miyazaki feature about it. Of course the legendary, Japanese, master of animation has long been known as an inspiration and quality barometer, for those at Pixar (one of the reasons their standards have tended to be s high it seems) so that’s not really a surprise. Given that this trailer has been tailored to a market where the films of the master himself and his studio (Studio Ghibli) are usually the ones to beat for the annual box office crown that those similarities are being played up is also to be expected. If Brave gets near the standards of the greatest animated movie maker of all time, we’re in for a treat.

Here it is (Courtesy of Movieweb)...

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