Thursday, 25 October 2012

Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D the TV series gets a 2nd cast member as Ming Na joins Clark Gregg…

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Ming Na (Mulan, E.R, Stargate Universe) has signed up to play Agent Melinda May; described as “Soulful and slightly damaged by her combat experiences, Melinda is an ace pilot, a weapons expert and a soldier who can — and has — gone beyond the call of duty.” Those of you with sharp memories will likely recall that the character was original called “Agent Althea Rice, aka The Calvary”. 

Ming-Na is was one of many fine actors in the annoyingly short-lived Stargate Universe; we can only hope that this show retains that ones will to do things with some depth and quality, but has better luck than Joss Whedon is used to when it comes to get cancelled. Ming-Na will doubtless continue Whedon’s tradition of very strong female characters, from Buffy to River Tm to his excellent writing and directing of The Black Widow in The Avengers. Still no word on when this show is et, or in which Universe. (The same one as the films, or a different one where Clark Gregg’s agent Coulson never got killed by Loki.)

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