Friday, 27 April 2012

Snow White And The Huntsman follow up film is being fast tracked (Bonus listen to the Florence & The Machine single from the soundtrack)...

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According to Deadline Universal are keen to make sure that the follow up to SWATH is ready to shoot as soon as possible. Apparently one of their chief concerns is to get director and driving force, Rupert Sanders working on the film as soon as possible,(before he gets snapped up for something else.

Breath Of Life...

I have yet to see the film and as such have no idea if Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman survives it, but given the fairy tale nature of the story I should think he can be resurrected regardless. With The Avengers already breaking records around the world, Hemsworth is an even bigger attraction than when he was cast as The Huntsman last year. Universal will doubtless be eager to avoid the scheduling nightmare that Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games has found itself in, where Star is contracted to return for X-Men: First Class and they needed to fit their filming schedule around Fox’s. Hemsworth is currently filming the F! Racing biopic ‘Rush’ for Ron Howard walks straight off that set and back into his cape for Thor 2; he has no shortage of other offers. The key point here is that anyone who has seen The Avengers (I saw it twice on Thursday and I swear I will get a review up on Saturday!) is under no delusions at all that Disney will be putting a LOT of pressure onto Marvel Studios to make sure that their “every 2 to 3 years” blueprint for Avengers get together comes in on the 2 years side this time. If that is the case then Universal will have to move pretty quickly to get Hemsworth back in between his other films.

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To that end Universal are apparently negotiating with David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Panic Room, Spider-Man) to get the script up to scratch. I may have gotten confused signals, but I’m certain that when this film was being promoted at ComicCon last summer, they were talking about the project in trilogy terms. When comparing the scale, ambition and “warlike” nature of the films to Lord of The Rings, it was also in regards to it being a trilogy. Again, maybe I misunderstood that art of the presentation, but I’ve been expecting it to lead to three films, assuming the public buy enough tickets of course!

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