Monday, 16 April 2012

Iron Man 3: Not only will some of the film be shot in China, but Marvel Studios are splitting the costs with Chinese company DMG (I smell Mandarin)...

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This is pretty big news for a few reasons. Since Marvel started producing their own films as ‘Marvel Studios’ they have paid for them all themselves. Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and finally The Avengers were all made with cash Marvel Studios generated for themselves; even after Disney Purchased Marvel. But with Iron Man 3 the first film of Phase 32 of the MCU project, Marvel Studios are splitting the costs of production with Chinese DMG Entertainment. Anyone who was still in some kind of self imposed doubt as to the importance of China for the global film industry should have been finally roused from their comas by the $67m that Titanic 3D has grossed there in its first 6 days! (More on that later)To put that into further perspective when Titanic came out there in 1998 it grossed $44m in total! Even with inflation and increases in screen numbers, that record stood for a decade, so this is big news.

DMG will oversee the segments of Iron Man 3 to be filmed in China, as well as distribute the film there. The local knowledge, as well as having significant portions of the film set there, should help make Iron Man 3 take a substantially higher amount of money in China than it would have already been expected to do: which has a tendency to be replicated in other markets in the region too.

Sir Ben Kingsley is set to join the cat of Iron Man 3 and, whilst he is apparently not going to play the Mandarin (Iron Man’s number 1 nemesis) the setting of the film in China does seem to indicate that the “Ten Rings” from the first Iron Man are likely to make a return and surely The Mandarin will finally appearr. The introduction of alien technology in Thor and The Avengers would certainly help make this story a possibility. (Personally I'm still split between Chow Yun Fat & Andy Lau for The Mandarin, although many  of my friends  are leaning towards Chow Yun Fat. You know who you are.) In the comics the Mandarin was originally powered by 10 alien ‘magic’ rings. With the concept that there is alien technology so advanced it is like magic (thank you Arthur C Clarke) firmly established in Thor there’s nothing to stop this character from making an appearance, alongside the Extremis plot thread apparently being set up for Sir Ben Kingsley. It remains to be seen if the Extremis plot will prove as controversial for movie audiences as it did for comic book ones; as Tony Stark essentially becomes a super powered human, "Iron Man, inside 7 out" and no longer just a guy in  suit. Iron Man 3 is set to roll out in North America on the 3rd of May 2013, but will likely follow Marvel’s pattern of opening in late April (Iron Man 2, Thor & The Avengers all open(d) in April in many countries) elsewhere. (Is anyone else really hoping that Kinglsey takes the part, not just because he's a world class actor, but because there would just have to be some Sherlock Holmes relate skit because of Downey Jnr. playing Sherlock and Kingsley playing Watson in 'Without A Clue,which is one of my favourite films.)

Here’s what Marvel, Disney and DMG had to say about the matter on

Rob Steffens; General Manager of Operations & Finance for Marvel Studios...
“We look forward to working alongside DMG to bring IRON MAN to the Chinese marketplace in a significant way. We are confident that Marvel’s stories will continue to be enjoyed by Chinese audiences, and adding a local flavour, and working with our new local partner, will enhance the appeal and relevance of our characters in China’s fast-growing film marketplace”

Stanley Cheung; Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company in Greater China...
“The popularity of the Marvel franchise globally creates a huge opportunity to deliver fans yet another action packed film. The co-production of IRON MAN 3 in China is testimony to the importance of this audience to Disney and the local industry capability to deliver a blockbuster title.”
Dan Mintz; CEO of DMG Entertainment...
“Our collaboration with Disney and Marvel marks a milestone in the global entertainment landscape, as this signifies the first multi-billion dollar franchise to be produced between Hollywood and China...The IRON MAN franchise has been a major success worldwide, and we look forward to pushing the series to new heights with IRON MAN 3. The movie will further build upon its compelling storyline, and feature the hottest A-list stars, and spectacular action, which will resonate well both globally and in China, the second largest box office market in the world.”
DMG Entertainment states...
“DMG Entertainment is China's premier entertainment company with an unrivalled pioneering reputation for creating the most innovative and memorable contents across multiple platforms, including theatrical motion pictures, television, digital and mobile.“

Iron Man...
North American Gross
International Gross
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
*Shooting budget – does not include P&A costs.

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