Monday, 9 April 2012

Ender’s Game gets an 8 month delay...

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Summit has moved the very, very, very long waited adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Sci-Fi masterpiece from the 13th of March 2013 to the 1st of November 2013. This makes November 2013 Sci-Fi month as Thor 2 will debut on the 15th and The hunger Games: Catching Fire on the 22nd. Currently Roland Emmerich’s (Independence Day, 2012) Singularity is due for release on the 1st of November. I will be amazed if at least one of Singularity, Thor 2 or Ender’s game doesn’t get some kind of date change. (Although in international terms Roland Emmerich and Thor 2 are the films with the bigger built in audience right now.

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