Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets a rewrite from Star Trek, Fringe & Transformers duo Kurtzman & Orci...

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This is an interesting one. For many an internet “geek” these two are evil Incarnate, engendering almost as much blind hatred as Michael Bay. Personally I like them, their co-created sow Fringe is now one of the best shows on Television, their ‘reboot, that wasn’t really a reboot, of Star Trek was pretty inspired (with a few of the alleged Science fact errors actually being creative decisions of the director) and they did exactly what they were asked to do with the first Transformers film, making it appealing to both sexes and introducing the non human characters in a way that neither broke the bank, nor put off people who dreaded the idea of ‘just’ watching the robots smash things up for 2 hours. It’s that ability to introduce humour and action, whilst giving a director something else to hang onto (Whether he chooses to do so or not) that has earned them this job.

Star Trek...

Producer Matt Tolmach said...
“Alex and Bob have a unique ability to write great character and spectacular action that makes them pitch perfect for Spider-Man. They’ve been friends of ours for a long time and they have an exciting take on the franchise – we’re thrilled to have them join the Spider-Man family.”

The Amazing Spider-Man...

Sony booked the date for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 way back on the 5th of August, showing great faith in the character they continue to keep on license from Marvel. The move in fact took away Marvel Studios own preferred release date for it’s films, (Iron Man 1,2 & 3 all open(ed) on the first week of May, as will The Avengers.) It is highly unlikely that The Amazing Spider-Man will fail to a degree that a sequel isn’t viable for Sony, especially given the extra cut they get from licensed products related to the movie, but it won’t have filled them with too much cheer to see the film absent from recent lists of most anticipated films of summer 2012. The Avengers topped most lists, coming second to Snow White & The Huntsman in the female list, but The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t placed at all.

Men’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1.            “The Avengers” 31%
2.            “The Dark Knight Rises” 23%
3.            “The Bourne Legacy” 14%
4.            “Men in Black 3” 8%
5.            “Prometheus” 7%

Women’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1.            “Snow White and the Huntsman” 22%
2.            “The Avengers” 16%
3.            “Men in Black 3” 13%
4.            “The Dark Knight Rises” 10%
5.            “Dark Shadows” 8%

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