Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Titanic 3D trailer: James Cameron celebrates titanic passing 10 million Facebook fans by releasing the trailer there...

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Titanic is a keystone film in American cinema. For months the industry’s media had been sniping at the film and speculating on just how much damage the extremely costly film was going to do to Fox when it failed to break even; How far it would set back Cameron’s own directing career too. Well the film made money in a fashion that hadn’t really been seen in cinemas in the “multiplex age”. Making either the same or more money weekend after weekend for months to become the highest grossing (unadjusted of course) of all time around the world. Titanic grossed 1,843,201,26; $600,788,188 from North America and $1,242,413,080 from the rest of the world. Only Avatar has gotten anywhere near it since, passing it on the way to an even more impressive $2,782,275,172. 

Here's the trailer sans Cameron's intro in higher quality. To hear the King of the World, seee the trailer at the end...

More than that it went on to win several Oscars; including a Best Film and Best Diector combo for Cameron. That led to what I still consider to be one of the most bizarre misunderstandings in awards history. Cameron shouted out “I’m the King of The World” emulating countless thousands of people who had, and still are, copying that famous line from the film. But somehow this is seen as some crazed, ego-maniacal declaration of intent to conquer mankind and he still gets stick for it.
As it was way back in1997

We shall see if the allure of seeing the film again, or for the first time, on the big screen is significant enough to draw big crowds to the cinemas for Titanic 3D. One thing is certain; this is no half assed ‘Clash of The Titans’ or ‘The Last Airbender’ 3D Conversion. (See my article for the SyFy channel on this subject; linked below)This is the real deal with a whole lot of time, effort and money put into making this film look right.  $18m and about 60 weeks is what it is taking to get Titanic 3D to the cinema. Cameron describes the film as being “...about 90% of what it would have been if it was shot in 3D, a filmmaker I would much rather shoot in 3D than convert to 3D to get an equal outcome.”

The Avatar Effect - 3D for the Masses






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